Multiple Movie Preloading Problem?

Dear Mods & Friends,

I am having site for a portfolio of a print graphic designer. Now there are total 40 thumbnails which will load big imgs on clicking of each.

My problem is tht i want to load those all 40 thumbnails externally (i mean thumbnails’ small jpgs) rather then including them in flash so later when client wants to change ne of them i’ll jst requre to replace the thumbnail img. Now i dont want site visitor see tht those imgs are loading one by one with preloading bt i want to give a nice preloader in front scene and in back i want to load them one by one. And when those all get loaded i want to take my visitor to the gallery scene. I’ve spent my 1 day to search in forum and tutorials section of kirupa and also in as i always do b4 posting ne thing in forum bt could not find required ans. May be i am wrong in logic.

Please give help me or suggest me something on this…

many thx in advance.