Multiple Preloader with x movies loaded to targets

I kinda of like the code below, I used on my project, but the button play/enter won’t work. No matter what code I use.

Multiple Preloader with x movies loaded to targets

Simply put all your movies to load and the corresponding
targets in the array moviearray. Remember: If you don’t
want the loaded clips to start immediatly after beeing
loaded, you have to place a stop action in the first
frame of the movie.

frame 1:
//provide a list with all your movies to load and the targets to load into
moviearray = new Array(“movie1.swf”,“target1”,“movie2.swf”,“target2”,“movie3.swf”,“target3”);
//set the index of the first movie to load
actMovieIdx = 0;

frame 2:
// get the next moviename and level
moviename = moviearray[actMovieIdx++];
movietarget = moviearray[actMovieIdx++];
// load the given movie
loadMovie(moviename, movietarget);

frame 3:
// nothing in here

frame 4:
//get the actual loaded bytes
actBytes = eval(movietarget).getBytesLoaded() || 0;
// get the total bytes to load
totBytes = eval(movietarget).getBytesTotal() || 100;
// calculate the percentage loaded
percent = Math.round(actBytes * 100 / totBytes);

if( totBytes - actBytes > 10){//more bytes available, keep on loading
} else if(actMovieIdx < moviearray.length){//if we got more movies to load
} // else go to frame 5

frame 5:
// ready, go - here starts your movie


// frame 1:
moviearray = [“mySwf0.swf”, “mySwf1.swf”, “mySwf2.swf”, “mySwf3.swf”, “mySwf4.swf”];
for (ii=0; ii<moviearray.length; ii++) {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“movie”+ii, ii);
// frame 2:
nTotalBytes = 0;
for (ii=0; ii<moviearray.length; ii++) {
nTotalBytes += _root[“movie”+ii].getBytesTotal();
// frame 3:
// nothing
// frame 4:
nLoadedBytes = 0;
for (ii=0; ii<moviearray.length; ii++) {
nLoadedBytes += _root[“movie”+ii].getBytesLoaded();
nPercentLoaded = nLoadedBytes/nTotalBytes*100;
if (nPercentLoaded<100) {
} else {

that should work.

Hey Jeremy, I think that a part of your for loops have been deleted by the board.

pom :asian: