Multiple scenes

I have my first scene all put together and when I add my second scene and start building it with graphics from the first scene, it makes my movie go into convulsions like a strobe effect.
What am I doing wrong. :frowning:


Are you using Flash 5 or MX?

If you’re using 5, go ahead and post your .fla and I’ll give it a gander. I’m sure others would probably help on the MX side if they see a posted file.

One thing to look for (this is just a guess since there’s not a lot of information to work with): Does your first (or even second) scene have just one extra frame in the main timeline that you’re not using? I know I’ve had that happen to me and it probably produced a similar result to what you’re getting.

If that’s not the problem, just post the .fla or try putting up a bit more info.

Good luck,


I need help assigning a movie clip to a button and I also can’t add a new scene to my movie without it screwing up my existing movie. Check it out.

Please help!