Scenes - help please!

I’ve made an .fla with numerous movieclips.

I have several questions. First about scenes and then more generally about Flash MX and the main timeline.

  1. When I add a new scene, then do test scene1, my movie plays just fine. I’ve not yet done anything with scene2, so nothing is there when I test it.

  2. If I test MOVIE, however, nothing happens. None of the stuff from scene1 plays. Is that normal??

before I added scene2, scene 1 played fine with test movie.

maybe I’m missing something… I thought it would/should play all the scenes if I test movie. Does this indicate something wrong with my code?


My thought was to begin Scene2 where Scene1 left off, that is, using the last thing on the stage from Scene1.

Well, that happens to be multiple “last frames” from several movieclips.

Should I not start a new scene? I’m not sure how I’d pick out just those last frames.

Why did I want a new Scene??

Well… I’m new at all this, and in my reading, most of the authors seem to be saying keep the main timeline clean.

In my scene1 I think I was successful. I have only ONE frame, and all the action is in the movieclips.

I wanted to take the end of the movie and scale everything from the center of the stage smaller and drag it up and left.

I know I can select it all and scale and tween it on my main timeline, but I’m just trying to do this the “new” way by keeping that timeline “clean”. So…I thought another scene???

Any thoughts on all this?

Even if I go ahead and use the main timeline, the scene issue above is still there. I’d like to move on anyway to a scene 2 after that tween , but not sure why it’s not all playing.

how do you know its not?
it is, but as it’s empty, nothing shows
and as scene1 has just 1 frame
(and no stop action in it i guess)
the movie plays right on to scene 2

put in some content and test again…

I’ve now tried to create a simple movieclip within scene 2. All by itself, within the same .fla, it does not play.

Scene 1, I mentioned was only one frame long, however within that one frame reside MANY movieclips, each more than 1 frame. All alone, that file plays just fine. The main timeline contains actionscript in frame1, which is a createEmptyClip, and calls for the first of the many clips to begin playing. All the movie clips play as directed by actionscript within them, the actionscript runs, etc. As soon as I add a new scene, however, I can’t make either one play. It won’t play if I do test scene (either 1 or 2), nor if I choose test movie.


perhaps there is some little “trick” i’m missing? To create the new scene, I’ve simply clicked the plus sign on the scene panel.

If you havent moved it and the new scene is still at the top in scene panel, it gets to play first, drag it under the one with the content to see if that helps.
If not, post your fla (zipped)