Multiple Video Workflow Process

In another forum thread I asked about putting together a gallery for multiple videos that would reside on a database. This task has been completed but the next step is more of a workflow process. There will be many videos stored on a server, a Flash player is inserted into an HTML page, and an XML document calls on which video to play thus making it easier for updates when new movies get added or deleted.

The problem is having a naming convention suitable for the videos since they are submitted by different authors (students) whom could name their work [COLOR=DarkGreen]This Is My Video[/COLOR] or[COLOR=DarkGreen]** this_is_my_video**[/COLOR] or even [COLOR=DarkGreen]Thismy+VIDEO[/COLOR]. To ensure the setup worked I had to end up renaming 10 or so videos to keep them consistent which wasn’t bad at first but could eventually accumulate to unnecessary workload. I thought XML was sensitive…

I could request to implement a standard naming convention but I would like to get some advice from those who may have been in a similar situation.