Music and preloader problem

OK this is the problem…
I put the preloader on the Flash site (170kb). Site has a music which turns on automaticly when 2. frame loads. This is the script on second frame:

firstSound=new Sound();

I put the preloader on the first frame and everything else on the second. But when I press ctrl+enter and try it with ‘show streaming’ my preloader shows up after 64kb of loading on the first frame. So I looked at the graph and saw that my first EMPTY frame (exept preloader) has 64kb. I tried everything to make that 1. frame smaller and find the solution, the solution was to turn off option ‘export in first frame’ for my music file in ‘linkage’ properties of that music file in library.
When I turn off that option my preloader works fine and 1. frame is about 4 kb, preloader is there all the time of loading… but my music won’t load when the site (2. frame) is loaded ???

How to make that preloader work fine and make it show all the time of loading and make the music play on the 2. frame ???

not 100% on this but in your Linkage properties for the sound try unchecking the box that says “Export to first frame”.

Maybe that will help.

I wrote that I already tried that soulution ( to turn off ‘export in first frame’), but my music then don’t want to load…

'DOH, I misread that and though you just put the code on frame 2.

Read it too quick. Sorry.