Music Bars

Hi. I know this has probably been asked before, but on professional websites where there is music, there is often those bars showing different frequencies. This is like in winamp where there are those bars in the top left corner. If anyone knows where a tutorial for those are or what they would be called so I could search for it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

They’re fake!
Flash does not recognize sound peeks!
You just make some bars more randomly and that’s all…

D’oh! Thanks. Everything I have lived for is gone now! :nerd:

It is possible, but it’s expensive and not very easy. I can try and find the link if you really want it.

pom :smirk:

It’s possible! They have them on, i know they’re real!!!

I’ve looked at flashkit already, but it’s so hard to read the user explanations of the tutorials (if it is a tutorial)

And about the expensive part, no way, I can’t afford it :slight_smile: