Sound bar replication?

Hi, I have a song playing in my flash movie and I want to know how people create a replication of the sound with moving ‘bars’? I’m assuming you have to get access to the sound’s properties, but how?

seems like complicated stuff there. can you show an example? like a website?

I don’t think it would actually be possible…proove me wrong but you would need to some how break a sound into pitch/frequency and animate the bars according to level of a particular picth/frequency.

I think you’ll find any you have seen thus far are just animated MCs and LOOK as though they are actually displaying levels for the playing audio.

It is possible. MP3 playing programs have had them for years, but you probably can’t do it by using flash alone.

Krilnon: yeah, but since this is posted in a flash forum, you would figure it’s meant to be made with flash right?

I said you couldn’t do it by using flash alone. Meaning that you would integrate something with flash to achieve the effect you wanted. If this forum were for flash only, people would just post links to .swf’s, not .html pages and the like. Most flash sites use other things in concert with flash, like html, xml, php, and a huge list of stuff that would be boring to read.

hey, hey, hey…misguided frustration krilnon.

I’m not frustrated, I’m just clearing things up for the 20 or so other people who will read this thread and might be confused by what we are saying.

Yeah krilion is right another program is used to created the algorthims in the bar movement flashkit should have a tutourial on it but last i checked the link to get that program is broken. can you check to see if it is back online as i too want to make that.

check out spectrum lab that is the program along with a tutorial in flashkit by chin