Music help

alright, so ive got a button the make the song play…now how do i make a song stop with a different button?

well, and this is assuming that you have your first button do something like gotoandplay(15) and you have your music start at frame 15, but you could have the second button say gotoandstop(14) at a time when the music is not playing.
Actually, this can be done better in actionscript, but it might be more than you want to do.
Lemme know if i can help.


well, with the play button, i just added a key frame in the “hit” frame and then put in the music and it seemed to work.

ive got a button already made to make it stop, but now i just need to figure out how to make it work.

oh, well, one, thats a bad way to do it if you’re not using actionscript. you’d have to set an outside tag that toggles on and off, and have your button search for whether or not it’s been toggled… but your problem can be solved, perhaps by adding in a stop all sounds action in the last frame of the button.
it’s a basic action you can select from the left of the actionscript window, i know that, just can’t remember how it looks.
if i’m high (which i think i am), then this won’t work, and in that instance just tell me and i’ll look myself for ya.
good luck

that idea seemed to work out pretty well. its work fine right now. thanks for your help!