Music keeps restarting when i click a button

So, I’m building a little product presentation.

I have it set up with each “page” as a seperate movie clip, along the bottom are left & right arrow buttons to advance to the next or previous pages, etc. pretty basic. the script on each button is

on(release) {

where # is the frame it goes to for the next or previous page… I used gotoAndStop because when I used gotoAndPlay it tried to play out the whole timeline straight through, and the presentation works fine like this.

But then I added background music to the intro page. I just stuck the sound file into a new layer on the page 1 movie clip, and that works fine. the music keeps playing as I move to new pages, which is what I want.

But now, for some reason, when I navigate to the end of the presentation, and then start to navigate backwards back to the begininning, every time I hit one of the back buttons, the music restarts, while it’s still playing… so it overlaps… and then as you keep hitting the back arrows, it restarts again so you have it overlapping 5 times and it sounds like crap.

I know I can fix it by adding StopAllSounds to the button scripts… but then I’ll lose all the sounds and I wanted to keep the music playing from the first page.

So, any ideas how I can fix it? :slight_smile: