Background sound problems driving me crazy!

Everything in my site works fine, until the navigation buttons are clicked a few times, then the background music restarts and plays over the music that is already playing, sometimes creating 3 or 4 instances of the same music all playing at different times. Any one have any idea why this is happening?

I do have a music control (start/stop) button, it’s a movie clip with 2 frames (the first with music and the second to stop all sounds) that I placed into a button symbol…

You can check out the site at

Thanks for any insight into this…

It seems that maybe every time you click a button you go to a new spot in the time line…make sure the MC holding your music clip is not in all of them. Everytime you enter the clip your music will start.


If you are changing the music on every button click–try stopping the sound before loading a new one

Just looked at it again…when you click the first button I am assuming you go to a certain frame maybe the first one…in this first one you have the movie clip that holds your music…everytime you go there

Try putting your main content in another MC then when you click the button you control that mc with your content in it

so you have your main stage…with two clips on for music one for content…


na seriously use actionscript for playing sounds, and you will never have that problem, I promise :slight_smile:

search the forums for button sounds, you will find your answer.