Music Playlist

I want to make a simple 5 song playlist on my site using flash. I set it up so each song just has a start and stop button.

Right now, when I click the play button it loads the song from the library. It works fine when I test it out on my computer, but when I posted it online it takes forever to load, and the preloader doesnt work.

When I put 5 songs in the library, the whole size of the .fla is very large. What is a better way to do this so when I post it on the web it doesnt take forever to load?

Im doing the same thing as you, so i was able to use a preloader and put the sound file in an external file and load it in dynamically.

loadMovie(song1.swf, soundHolder) using empty movie clip container and then they wont have to dl all your music when they go to your site to begin with.

Thanks, im new at flash though. I’m not sure how to do what you described. Can you elaborate.?

Your site is a good example of what I want to do.

Here is another example:
(click releases for the songs)

Just one preloader for the main site loads everything–idk how.

Thanks very much.