Music sync with animation

ok so i made this really long picture/text animation (~700 frames), the biggest i’ve ever made and the music i cut for it is fast paced. when i checked it in the flash player the music played perfectly in sync with all the animation that was going on on the screen. when i published it however to put up on my website the music is too fast sometimes and goes ahead of the animation. sometimes it keeps up though, after reloading flash file about 4 times. i tried exporting the swf without “compressing the movie”, i tried lowering the sound quality for a smaller file, i tried leaving the mp3 file as is so it wouldn’t have to do any compression processing while its playing (i dont know if that actually happens, just trying random things)…

anyways, my question is how would i export the movie so that the sound would always be in sync with the video?? the website is here … a pop-up window should come up with the flash animation. and lemme know what u guys think of this vid. thx a bunch

i think if you go to the sound properties on the music keyframe, change it wher it says efevnt change that to sync, shoudl work perfecct every time

correction… change hte music properties to “stream” sorry bout that

also to change teh sodn quality (its really bad on stream) hit file, export and for export settings change the sound quality ther… :wink:

that worked great, my sound file was actually also recorded at a slower beats per minute. puttin it on stream did the trick. thx alot for ur help man