Music wave

can you make an animation of music work with work you are playing

like in windows media player

Hmm, question’s kind of vague, as most of us probably don’t use windows media player (winamp all the way, man), but, if you mean having the animation (or the movie) correspond to events in the music, there isn’t any real beat detection in Flash MX like that in windows media player or winamp. Now, granted you already know what the song will be and have it in your fla, you can, as I have done many a time, put your song on it’s own layer on the main timeline and center the animations on the wave height, you know? If it’s just a random song, all I’ve seen on other sites is just an animated spectrum that just plays while the song is playing or goes to a frame in the movie clip that contains the ending tween. Those are two ways to go about doing it, anyway.