Must be fun being a musician

I went to my client’s myspace page the other day (to get some material for his website) and after my work was done for the day I just browsed his almost endless friends’ comments. So many props…so many “hey you’re pretty cool man!”
Even though I’m not a musician, I feel that as an interactive designer I should do something that makes me stand out creatively and also well-known in a positive way (at least well-known in the major metropolises of).
But then I logically think about it and I ask myself “HOW?!” All I do is design cool looking interfaces that reflect the urban/hip hop/alternative rock youthful lifestyle that is common in my metropolis. Usually the people who care are my clients, and maybe a few friends who have a strong interest in design and arts. As for the rest of the people it’s “that’s cool man”, and then it’s forgotten.

I guess the reason why I’m curious as to why fame and interactive design does/doesn’t mix is because my mentor owned a company who did alot of work for musicians. Almost everyday when I interned there, my boss had meetings with eveyone from indepedent singers to world-famous recording artists making him extremely valuable and well-connected. I also saw his design work being mentioned at a couple of urban art and culture websites and I also found out that his friends were DJs and fashion designers. So here I am, a dude in highschool and I’m thinking “this guy codes and designs 24/7 yet he’s got a rock-star status!”
Another person, who I would like to read about is Mr. Hilman Curtis and on one of his websites it mentioned that he won an award at SXSW. In fact my mentor went to SXSW himself so at least there is a venue where all of us could get noticed on a grand scale.
On a smaller scale, I have some ideas…
Create an animation and present it at a party, play it along with some music…create a design that could be displayed at a art gallery that favors tech-art & design(they’re out there), or go to events where I could share my portfolio…which could be a good/bad idea…i don’t know