Mutiple DPI's in Illustrator

Hi all,
I have placed several linked PS images in an Illustrator project I am working on. Most of the images are 300 dpi however there is one that is 600 dpi. Do you guys think this will matter? Will the 600 DPI image still look good if the Illustrator EPS is opened/printed at 300 DPI or should I just go ahead and take it down to 300 DPI in PS before going to Illustrator? Thanks!

what is it going to be used for…Print? of like a pdf type of thing?

Yes, a 4C print job - the print broker my company uses usually likes an EPS or PDF.

I believe your embedd hi res file will inherit the overall dpi. But I could be wrong. I’ll ask my print guru around here when he comes back, if someone has not answered already.

LoL, yes… DDD is right… if you embed the actual file it will maintain it’s original, resolution… HOWEVER it’s not gonna be as scaleable as the Ill file is. It will only be scaleable to it’s 100% origin, after that it will distort.

yeah that seems right simplistik…
[ot]well sorta offtopic… i had this job where i received all the artwork, which was a psd file that had transparency, and i was to place that psd in the illustrator, put some illustrator type together and prepare it for print, the printer told me that the psd imported is fine to print with, but this seems strange to me, dosent just importing the .psd to illustrator basically show a kinda “ss” of what the actual file is.(although it retained its transparency)… i always wondered if this was ok to print with. [/ot]

if you guys know about this, would appreciate it

if the dpi is all good I dont see why not. I’ll have to test that one day tho

Yes it’s perfectly ok to print like that. When you import a file into AI, on screen it will show a preview of the “SS” of that file. However, when it goes to print the postscript tells it that it needs to read from the external source, when it does that it goes into the linked file, and reads that info… not the info that is previewed on screen. Now if you embed it… which I actually think PS files automatically do… it puts ALL that same info from the original file in the AI. Check it out… you should notice a substantial file size difference in an embeded image and the same image that is still linking.

It works in the same way that Quark, and Indesign work.

ah kool, thanks guys. yeah i noticed the difference simplisitik. and i usually always link my source bitmap images. making a illustrator files larger than it really should be does some nasty things to the file and illustrator (like crashing illustrator, lol).

i appreciate the info. cheers. :beam: