MX 2k4 Pro Screens - MC not playing - prob

I am working on some fairly large presentation style training modules. I am using FlashMX2004 Pro and developing them as screens(slides). My problem is that my previous .fla would play movie clips inside of a slide only when that slide was revealed when I set playHidden to false. In a new file I am having problems because my MC’s are apperantly playing as soon as they are loaded, not when their parent slide is revealed.

I could add some script to each slide to play the MC on (reveal), but I didn’t have to do this with previous files. I don’t really understand what is going wrong here. Any help appreciated.

Nobody knows anything about this? Seriously? Am I insane or what…

Perhaps attaching something along the lines of:

someMC.onLoad = function() {
     this._visible = false;

…but…I have no idea why it might be doing that. All I can suggest is that you not use screens for anything even remotely important – or for any purpose other than learning their syntax/structure for later versions of Flash. I’ve never heard of someone that hasn’t had a least one or two completely random and confusing errors using them. They’re EXTREMELY buggy, and I really wouldn’t rely to heavily on them.

Now of course in the next release of Flash (or perhaps two releases away) they should be working as they are intended – with consistency and a very small amount of program flaws.

MM just had to show non-AS2.0 folks “Hey, you don’t have to worry about programming! It’s like a slideshow! Or even Visual Basic! Yay!”

More a proof of concept than a working project, IMHO. :beam:

Yeah, random bugginess has been a problem. I guess an AS workaround like that is my last resort. Oh well, this project is almost done anyways. Thanks for the advice.

Screens are going to be kick-*** when they work the way they’re supposed to. :wink: