Slide Shows in MX 2004 Pro

Hey all

I’ve posted this question on a few different sites and still I have yet to hear a response. I was hoping someone here might be able to help me out.

Ok, heres my problem. I have MX 2004 Pro and I’ve been able to do some cool stuff with AS 2. I want to start learning how to do Slide Shows with it. I know how to do the basics and even do some animations, but when you insert movie clips in they start playing automatically. (Even before you enter the slide) I did some research at the Macromedia site, and at several other sites yet to no avail. Theres nothing on it. I was able to dig up the mx.screen.Slide, mx.screen.Form, and the mx.screen.Screen classes but I don’t quite know how to use them. Anyone might possibly have an answer for me or point me in the direction so I might be able to learn this stuff??