[MX] button inside movie clip

I thought I had this down but things haven’t been working today.

I have a movie clip with an instance name called contact_mc.
Inside that mc I have a button called contact_btn.
I have a call back button function on the main timeline that looks like this

_root.contact_mc.contact_btn.onPress = function() {

It does not work, no trace and the mc does not play.

Anyone know why?

Here is an fla, please take a look.

Ok I’m guessing that you wanted your form to slide out when the button is pressed right? If that is what you’re trying to achieve then here’s the fla, I fixed it so now it slides in and out. Hope that is what you need. =)

I fingered it out:P
The problem has to do with group\break controll.

Go inside the movie clip select the graphics and hit ctrl + b,
fix the tween and instance name, and it works.

Good to know I guess, just another rule for group\ungroup.

I see you used two different layers guess thats kinda like the button being ungrouped.