MX Cookies-Are there anymore besides

I took the ‘MX cookies’ tutorial and was wondering what other ‘cookies’ there are besides OS.

The system capabilities are not cookies. The cookie is something you write yourself. Hence anything you want :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

like how would i right it, useing axnscript?

Everything is in the tute! Basically, you have to put it in the data of the shared object.

pom :asian:

so basicly i can ask for anything i want? kinda

What do you want to do? Get information about the host computer (system.capabilities) or write data on this computer (shared objects)?

pom :asian:

I think both, like i might want to use the name thing, and find out internet explorer and flash versions, or if they are running IE at all

So what’s the problem?

pom :asian:

I dont know what to type in, like would i go to where it says ‘os’ and put in ‘browser’ or something else?

I don’t think you can get it with flash, but with PHP it’s possible.

For a list of the capabilities, check the AS dictionary System.capabilities.

pom :asian:

Ok, thanks!

Pom, how do i enter the code? where? i cant get it to work

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**Pom, how do i enter the code? where? i cant get it to work **
What code? I don’t know your animation… Post it, or at least tell us what you did already.

pom :asian:

I’m using the form you gave us in the tutorial, i just wanna cange the code to give you the manufacturer.

The manufacturer? I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to do…

pom :asian:

I went and searched the A/S dictionary, one of them was system.capibilities.manufacturer (i stink at spelling) how do i enter that? like what do i need for the whold code? I’m really new to A/S so i dont know alot.