[MX] Display images from the library in a textfield?


I know it is possible to load a JPG on the fly and display it in an HTML-textfield using the “img”-tag… but what if it is not an extermal JPG but instead an internal PNG?

I already found out that flash can’t read PNGs “on the fly” to display them in a textfield (it needs to be a textfield because it also contains scrollable text)… that’s why I tried to see if it can be done when the PNGs are already in the SWF’s library on runtime- but I can’t seem to get it done.

Does any of you know how to do it? Is it even possible?

I wish Macromedia supported HTML-formatting and displaying of images more concisely and practically :-/

Anyways… thanks for your support in advance. Oh- and I attached a sample PNG file :slight_smile: