[MX]: PNG from the library displayed in a textbox?

Hello again.

I have an application that retrieves an XML file and displays it’s content in a scrollable textarea. The text in there is HTML-formatted and it all works nicely.

Problem: I want to display tiny PNG icons (with transparent backgrounds) in there, too… I already found out that there’s no way of loading them into the flash file dynamically… but even if I import them into the flash file / library, flash still doesn’t seem to recognize them… or give me an option to export them for use in actionscript… only to im-/export them for common usage on runtime… but I don’t know if that helps or how to do it.

Basically, in the attached screenshot (mock-up), you can see what it’s supposed to look like. How would you handle something like this? The problem is that the PNGs need to scroll along with the rest of the text and I figured that’s kind of complicated to do if I put them into movieclips and duplicate those or something…

Why is this not possible? Or the other way around- what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance…