[MX] Easy AS problemo PLEASE HELP

Hi All,

Well thanks to KIRUPA.COM I now know how to make scrollable window text, But here’s the BUT …

I’m trying to make the “Click Here to proceed” text in the portion of code below, clickable. Its in a scrollable window. How do I do this???

More FYI:
The user must scroll down in the scrollable window and read all the content B4 they can click to continue, so I cant make it a button.

What the user should see is like a hyperlink that they click on to go to the next part …

I need to know what code to put in to make the “Click Here to proceed” link to a frame in the main movie.

… listed in the graphic.<BR><BR><FONT FACE=“Verdana” SIZE=“12” COLOR="#003366"><B><u>Click Here to proceed.</u></B></FONT>";
scrolling = 0; …

Thanks for your help !!!