MX: Heavy XML & MC Duplication ... slowdown?!

It’s about time I use a Questionmark AND an Exclamation point :smiley:

Okay- I made an FLA / SWF file that goes through 5 (or actually 7) XML files (Team Statistics, Current Standings, Game Commentary, Conference, etc) for a Soccergame Application for a German Sports Agency.

This is the application in question:

It starts off in the conference mode- to see the actual problem I’m having with it, click on one of the games in the games list at the top (next to the rotating Ball-animation AVI)…

All the Players on the Field on the right are instances of a single MC, so are all the ball symbols, penalty card symbols, etc. The way the players are displayed on the filed is a dynamic function that checks for many players are playing in which position (offence, midfield, defence)… and the whole application refreshes about once a minute.

The problem is, it slows down to an almost complete stop in this mode and I have no hint or trace of why that might be… I used to use duplicated movieclips with “onEnterFrame” as wait dummies but I switched most of that to using “setInterval”…

I also skip alot of the “re-initialization upon reload” by now and really only reload the stuff that is subject to change but still it gets really really slow.

I know it’s kind of a shot at the blue to ask you people what you think might be the reason for the slowdown without being able to show you the sourcecode… but maybe one of you can tell me off the top of their head what a common mistake might be for working with XML and duplicated MCs?

I heard / read that there’s a way to unload the XML- but since it’s always the same XML files handled by the same XML handlers, that shouldn’t take up more space over time, should it?

To me it seems as though the slowdown is a Cache Overflow… the memory being slowly filled to the rim… but I can’t imagine what might be the cause.

I feel incompetent :-/