[MX] help with a type of snake game

I’m making kind of a snake game…Your a little worm-snake thingy and you try to escape getting eaten by this bird. If you get eaten, the game should end and then as you eat apples, you should get longer. But I’ve encountered two errors with it.

  1. The additional dots do not follow you properly.
  2. The game does not end if you run into the bird.
    I’ve attached the fla file. If someone could fix it for me, I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

I won’t fix it for you because I have over 300+ flash .fla files sitting on my computer but if you post the code I might be able to help you fix that for you :wink:


Okay… SO I exagerated a little bit on that one senocular… But I swear it’s over 100… lmao… Now… Not “ALL” of them are finished… cough coughlmfao


just did a search of my computer and i have 826 fla’s :!:
but only about 200- i made my self :trout:

and one is a [r]not finished[/r] snake game :wink:

@ SetroGamer: it might help you :wink: