[MX]Need help with "Changing Colors" Tutorial

So I did “Changing Colors with Actionscript” tutorial and then tried one of my own…I used a movie clip with some text in it, then I have the buttons on the side. When the mouse rolls over the buttons, the text only flashes that color, then reverts to the original.

Can you include your code? or even fla?

It sounds to me like a hit area problem.

In your button symbol (assuming that is what you are using), create a new layer, insert a blank keyframe under the “Hit” frame, and in there draw a rectangle to act as your hit area for the button.

heres the .fla:

<a href=“http://www.freewebs.com/nowhereahead/text.fla”>text.fla</a>

Here it is. [edit]i just replaced gotoAndPlay for gotoAndStop[/edit]