Help with color effect

hi, i’m new to flash and i just want to know how you deal with the color change of the flash menu (fla) attached…a good example is one on Paul Smith’s website.

where is the fla?


you havent attached fla. anyway, make the button an mc.

colour=new Color(this)


This is a very primitive method of doing this but it helps, because if the button is only text, then on(rollover) will only execute when the mouseis touching the text.

Hope this was what u wanted:)

sorry guys, i’m having problems attaching the fla file. the first posting i didn’t preview but i was dead sure i did attached it. so this time i previewed it just to confirm but still nothing shows. any ideas?

oops! it did finally :)…the preview function probably wasn’t working properly…anyway there you go.

You need to edit the button inside the movie clips on stage.

Heres an example.

thanks claudio for that…but how do you change the colour of the text itself (not the whole button) once the mouse roll-over?