[MX] "onLoad" of my SWF not always triggered?

Hello again-

I have made a “match centre” in flashj that reads various XML files from a live game conference as well as single games and their commentaries (federal german soccer league) and displays them in text and with icons and such.

It all runs relatively smoothly BUT there’s a problem with the very beginning of the file.

There’s not much loading going on- the actual SWF is no larger than 300 kB, there are a few tiny sound effects- the main thing is the actual processing of the XML files.

There is a splash screen in the first frame (the main timeline only has 1 frame because all transitions are done in actionscript and “sub-timelines”) and a “this.onLoad” in the actionscript of the main timeline that fades out the alpha of that splash screen and then removes it…

The problem is, every other time, it doesn’t do that. Any idea why? I need help :stuck_out_tongue: I mean- one would think that once the file loads, no matter how long that might take, the “onLoad” is triggered and the command in it fades out the splash screen, no?

This confuses me.

Oh- in case you want to see the file, it’s here: **http://www.sportal.de/tracker/tracker.html
If you would like to see some source code, I’ll try to branch off some code. Do you think I’ll need a preloader? Maybe that would help already.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: