MX Scrollbar not working with dynamic text

I am really having trouble getting my dynamic text field’s scrollbar to scroll properly with dynamic text.

I have every method i can think of… from setting the text using actionscript (below) through clip events, frame actions, etc. no matter how i set it, the text is loaded correctly… but the scrollbar will not adjust.

I have also tried the flash 5 method of just setting the variable… nothing works!! have read every example and reference on macromedia and tried all of them… please help!

to take a look at this problem… visit
log in with demo/demo and click the links icon.

thanks in advance!
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Can you post your fla and not your site? It’s easier to see where the problem is.


I have been successful in getting the dynamic text complete with htlml tags to display correctly with the toolbars… The ONLY way this would work is by loading just a _sans multiline text box into a movie clip… the movie that is being loaded in with the text box is only one frame and seems to be the only way it will work.

it had to be set using the flash 5 method of putting the variable name in the properties box. it would NOT work with the new flash 6 method of txtwin.html= true; txtwin.htmlText= somevar;

I still have a problem getting the scrollbars to update as new infromation is being added… for instance i have one large text box that scrolls correctly with search results. Each of those search results has a link to to add that result to another small text window. it adds correctly of course, but the scrollbars will not adjust until it goes to another frame and is reloaded.

Any ideas how to force the scrollbars to refresh?

to check this out, go to and click “find construction links”. to view it in the fullscreen flash environment, log in with demo/demo and click the links icon.

Thanks in advance,
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