Mx trial expired some hours after installation

Don´t ask me what´s going on , I just downloaded mx , installed , wend to bed and the next morning the surprise :\rtrial expired !??\r\rI removed completely (what made me problems with flash player , swfs could not be played but that´s another matter…)\rI replaced the system register by a previous day backup , reinstalled MX and the same trial expired.\r\rI can´t understand what is going on as date system has not been put back , nor 30 days have gone.\r\rCheers\r\rMMKT\r\r

MX has a new security plug-in that ‘watching’ the registry and if it is the trial and you try to make it a full version through certain already used serials that still work. Then sometime when your in Flash and connected to the internet it checks the registry and the program security registry check…then it makes the trial corrupt and expires you! I found out the hard way and then had to buy it…but my company bought it for me because I do graphics and server-side for my job.

Hum \rIf I cannot test I cannot purchase.\rMacromedia has protect itself even from potential customers;\rthat´s funny.\rI think I will stay with my old flash 5.\rThank you Dan ;\rcheers\rmmkt