[mx2004] help- actionscript problem I think

Somewhere in this I’ve made a mistake and I can’t figure out what I’ve done- could someone take a look and see?
What’s happening is that when the windmill blades rollover the red dot they are suppose to play a movieclip- they all work fine except one, the mc with the instance name ct and I can’t figure out why. It stops in the middle of it’s animation and then starts over again before it finishes. All 4 mc’s are set up the same way, so I don’t think it’s the actual mc (although I could be wrong)
I have checked and double checked all the actionscript, but because I’m still pretty new to this, I can’t seem to figure out where I went wrong.
I’ve even rmade the movie clip twice and I’m still having problems.
I’ve uploaded the fla here http://www.scaeriefaerietails.com/fla/L_Web.zip -it’s too big for the forum upload.

I’m snow blind form looking at this for so long so hopefully someone will be able to spot it and it’s not some super gigantic error.
Thanks to anyone who can help:thumb:


It’s fixed-
it had to do with the position of the red dot not the actionscript.
Thanks if anyone was looking at the fla:)