hitTest from frame 1 of main movie[mx04]

My fla is too big to upoad here, but can someone take a look

What I was trying to do is to get the animation on ‘bt’, or ‘b1’( they are stacked on top of each other) to gotoAndPlay “_over” when it hits the lower red dot(instance ‘oneHT’) and then gotoAndPlay “_out” when it hits the second higher red dot(instance ‘twoHT’), and then do the same for each windmill blade as it passes the red dots during it’s rotation.
When I attach script to the movieclip it works, but I’d like to just keep all the actionscript on the main timeline so I dont’ forget where I put things. I think the problem is that I’m targeting them wrong, but I’m not sure.
Pleeeeaase help:huh: