My 2nd layout ever.What do You think?

my 2nd layout ever.What do You think? Thank You very much

pretty cool, but why all the extra white space at the bottom?

didn’t look at your source, but it’s just empty…

is the menu gonna stay that long also?

The layout is pretty nice. The menu/nav font is really really messed up.

Thx ! It is empty yet - a couple hours work done!

Align the menu with the page, it’d look better perhaps.

i think as a splash page, it should be more concise. The colors are a little bright too, and dont seem to work with eachother… green, burgundy, orange, red, blue… just doesn’t work for me…

also, the way to turn off the music should be a little more obvious, because only a supremely intelligent being such as myself knew to click the little flashing lightning bolt…

anyway, its a good start, and especially good considering it was your 2nd layout ever…

that’s a lot of menu options. overall, i think it’s a little too tall for my taste, but it looks good.

New layout

My redesignet layout for info web magazine! What do You think! 20% job done! Thank You web gurus for replies!

Wow, looks amazing. Clean picture and layout, but too much free space at the bottom for colors, cram it up a little, less scrolling.