My band epiphany

[font=Trebuchet MS]check it out: epiphdotcom:.[/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS] ne experts out there? can u tell me y some1 would hav issues entering the site… most dont but one of my band members cant…[/font]
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[font=Trebuchet MS]and some1 with an easy mp3 player would be helpful… thnx[/font]
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> Customize the scroll bars to match the color scheme of the site.
> Transitions of some sort in between sections.
> The “recommendations” on the splash page mention a screen resolution of 1024x768, that’s not necessary since the pop-up is clearly not that size.
> And your site’s not working anymore… :puzzle:

the main window looks much better at higher resolutions… and i dont know how to customize the scrollers yet, this is only my second site

thnx newayz

To customize scroll bars: Open your Library (F11), there, you should find each individual component part. Simply select one (up_arrow_press) and right-click and select Edit or double click it. :wink:

Looks pretty good. I like the different ideas and randomness of it. It has a very personable feel.

Perhaps bump up the framerate a bit, the top image seems kinda slow. I agree with the transitions, it would help. and perhaps some sort of texture to the site, there just seems to be a lot of flat black.

The MP3 player doesn’t seem to work or really needs a preloader. What do you sound like? I enjoy lots of music and it’s nice to hear new bands.

You guys all wear members only jackets??

That’s awesome…!

[font=Trebuchet MS]epiphany is hip-rock-soul… the term coind by the band 4th avenue jones… its basically an indie-sounding progressive approach to hip-hop music… real instruments [real snares and bass drums] for an organic feel… and more insightful commentary in the content…[/font]