My banner

well we’ll give this a whirl and see how it comes out


I changed my banner a lot… .the whole one was making me sick after looking at it for too long… “warp 9 scotty!”

Tell me what you think of the new one.


testing again

how’d you do that?

I’ll give you the basic run down of how it works (if you want something more detailed, let me know afterwards and when I get to work I’ll get the file itself).

I have two variables keeping track of each click (1 for the _x and 1 for the _y).

After you have all three clicks, it runs a duplicateMovieClip and some calculations. As an example (done from memory… so I’m sure there will be some errors in this…):

rotation = var1xposition - var2xposition +i;
duplicateMovieClip (“myart”, i+1, i)
setProperty (“myart”+i, _rotation, rotation);

Then run that in a loop for however many duplicates you want to make (and this depends on the type of art you want to do). There’s plenty of things you change _xscale _yscale, _rotation, _alpha etc…

I hope this helped a bit… since I’m not an actionscripting wizard I might not have explained my steps carefully.

Let me know,


thank you very much, but i didn’t quite understand exactly, i’ll haveta see the file.

i was looking for something EXACTLY like that for my website background, only i would have actionscript decide the click variables, instead of the user, at random.



I don’t think I’m going to post the file, but I’ll definately put up the code that’s behind it. I spent plenty of time fiddling with some art combos for the file to duplicate, so I’ll probably keep that for myself :slight_smile:

But, I don’t really believe in keeping code to yourself, so I’ll for sure post that tomorrow or the following day at the latest for ya.



alright that’s cool
thx again


Ok originally this code was written by somebody else (I think it was an affiliate of the guy that wrote Flash Super Samurai). I used the tutorial to reconstruct it in a different way and give it my own personal twist.

A bit of explanation: I have an empty movie clip that’s on the main scene, and it has this code on it. When you get to the _root.attachMovie (“art”, “art”+i, i+50)… the “art” is a movie clip I have in my library which holds the actual picture I want to duplicate… you’ll need to right click it, go to linkage… and in identifer put in “art” (no quotes). Besides that I think it’s pretty explanatory with some of the comments that are in there.

From what you said in your previous post, you wanted it to not be based upon clicks, but rather randomly generated by flash. That’d be a decently easy fix, you’d just have to substitute some Math.random 's in there instead of grabbing where the user clicks.

With that said… here’s pretty much the whole thing:

onClipEvent (load) {
// this is the number of times that the art will duplicate itself
var copies = 80;
var clicks = 0;
onClipEvent (mouseDown) {
// this records where you click the first two times and put them into variables
if (clicks == 1) {
c1_x = _root._xmouse;
c1_y = _root._ymouse;

if (clicks == 2) {
	c2_x = _root._xmouse;
	c2_y = _root._ymouse;
// this draws the art using the variables from the _x and _y positions of the 3 clicks
if (clicks == 3) {
	for (i=3; i<=copies; i++) {
		_root.attachMovie("art", "art"+i, i+50);
		myart = _root["art"+i];
		myart._alpha = 20;
		myart._rotation = i*(_root._ymouse-c2_y);
		myart._x = c1_x+(i*(_root._xmouse-c2_x)/40);
		myart._y = c1_y+(i*(_root._ymouse-c2_y)/40);
		myart._xscale = (c1_x-c2_x)/(i/10);
		myart._yscale = (c1_y-c2_y)/(i/10);
		clicks = 0;


I hope that helps.


I know I said this in the Who Has The Best Sig Thread, but I don’t know if kornkid8281 read that so I will say it again =)

Go to , enter the site, click on FLAs, then click on the Search button (last button in the navigation).

Run a search for Blue Rose. It will return results for Blue Rose and Orange Rose. These are the same thing, but one is blue and the other is orange (they do produce slightly different results, but they use the same method). They are both Grey on the site, but the downloaded files have the color in them.

It does use the click three spots technique, but im sure you can replace that with some kind of random funtion (ex. Math.random()*40)

It isn’t EXACTLY what Uthar has, it doesn’t spiral to the side, but it does produce some AWESOME results.


Just checking up and seeing how it went for ya. The code I put up there is exactly what I used… so if you wanted to reproduce the effect my banner has, that is <b> exactly </b> how you do it. If you want to play around with some others that are similar but not quite the same, ultrashock has some things that are close.



I’ll have to mess with the code some time later!

thx bunches. i got exactly what i was looking for. if you want to see what i did with it go to

the only problem is, is that it might run kinda slow (depending on how fast your computer is).


I like what you ended up doing with the code, good stuff amigo :slight_smile:

Have a good one,


thx for the feedback and the help