My buttons dont navigate from fram to frame

ive made a website with mx and i cant get the buttons to advance to the desire frame, they all work in the autoring window with simple buttons enable, but dont work when previewing movie or the published view

buttons work while authoring now?
hmm, that’s new

wut is the code on the button?

on (release) {

the answer to these types of problems always seems to be:

that is to say, check your target to make sure it is in the right place. MX has a nifty little feature with a good name. They call it…“Target” :slight_smile: If you look in the actionscript pane, you will see the “Target” button, looks like crosshairs and will help you choose the appropriate target.

Good luck!

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There seems to be problems with gotoAndPlay… I had a problem when my buttons were in a movie clip, and that I was trying to tell another movie clip to go to a certain frame. The path was correct, but it didn’t work. Go figure.

Your problem looks like a path problem, just as Montoya said. It depends on which movie clip you want to target (or if it’s the _root.).

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