Tell target on buttonz

In an MC I have five buttons which should go to five different scenes when pressed. Thus, each button would go to a particular scene and a specific frame label , and so on. However, I’m having probs with the actionscript. Being that the buttons are in a Movie Clip, I know had to reference the main timeline and use tell Target. I tried all sorts of code to no avail. \r\rOn each button my code looks something like this.\r\rOn (release)\r_root.gotoAndPlay(“About”) \r\rI’ve read on the flash site that I should use frame labels when using buttons inside an MC.\r\rIn any event, can I get a hand…I would appreciate it…

if “About” is a frame label it should work…\rif it’s a scene name it won’t.\r:) \rjeremy

that code is not getting it done…any other suggestions?\r\rDeep Cover

are you sure you placed a ; at the end of the line?

try not using goto as a method of _root, rather incorpoate _root into the path: gotoAndPlay(_root.framelabel) ?

thank you fellaz…I got it to work…good one…