My computer is sick

My computer just went through 15 min of pure lagging. Then everything that i had open poped up with a error message. Which then caused me to loose everything i had been working on for the morning. so i just lost 2 hours of things that i worked on.:bad: :bad:

well theres a molar to this story (tee hee, i said molar)
save your work every so often, or the computing faeries will come by and destroy your dreams

Give it a spoonfull of bashing the screening and kicking the drives out…

If you’re running Wind’hoes don’t forget the monthly format C:\

freaks with your monthly formats.

How can you do that?!
I’ve got a years worth of apps and junk on here! it’d take hours of cd burning and hours of re downloading to get back to where I am now!

lol! I remember kirupa saying that he formats his hard-drive every week!
I do it from time to time… maybe every month or so… or 2 months

everything on my comp is already on a cd-r somewhere right now. As soon as I dl it, i burn it (or that night when I go to sleep). Makes formating so much easier.

i found ot the problem, my friend did it to me. its a long story. lol