My Display

Yeah I got bored, and wanted to showoff my new windows skin… and although I dislike macs, I can’t deny the fact that that is a sweetasz design on that bakcground.


I’ll fix this. gimme a minute.

edit 2:

Try these. (click on ‘thumbnail’)

…uhhh. look at the thumbnail from here (if you’re lazy?)

wow pretty nice. did you make that yourself?

oh and no i dont have a nintendo you can have :stuck_out_tongue:

how can you get different skins for windows?

windows blinds… be careful though… its kinda hard on your resources and stuffs

i dl’d some from and i cant figure out how to install them. that looks really good though!

Window Blinds is definitely the best. I love this thing.

Although 28 is right, it’s a bit heavy on the graphics. But then… I’m using an IBM video card (basic thing) and 128 SD Ram, and I could hit 1280x??? no problem.

Guess it just depends.