My Dreamweaver is gone!

Argh! I hate interns. Somehow our intern while working on my machine managed to kill my ‘restored’ dreamweaver. Dreamweaver maximized is fine and full screen. Minimized, its gone as its supposed to be. But ‘restored’, however, is gone. Nowhere in site! I tried Alt+SPACE - M, but that didnt work. My cursor defaulted to the corner with the arror cursor (not the movement cursor.


What do I do?
Is there any utility for harcoding window positions?

No, but I do know of a good way of dealing with interns. :slight_smile:


I tried to cascade or tile when restored… but I didnt think to do it while maximized (which I just did) and now its all good :beam:

oh yeah? any tips kit?

The most wonderful invention known to man - the Blue Screen of Death screen saver. :slight_smile:

Gets em every time. :slight_smile:

I already took away his IMs. He was on those about 90% of the time. Now when trying to open AIM or Yahoo or MSN, an alert comes up - something to the effect of “if interns do this, then interns dont IM”

if he got BSoD-ed, hed just reboot and find a way to screw things up more :wink: I have to keep an eye on that one. Hes a big dork, but hes no geek so he doesnt fully understand what hes doing sometimes.

Hmmm… Don’t suppose you can remote control his machine, can you? :evil:

*Originally posted by Kitiara *
**Hmmm… Don’t suppose you can remote control his machine, can you? :evil: **

you’re a genious! :stuck_out_tongue:

actually he just left for the semester that arse heh

It’s always great fun to rc someone’s machine and watch them flounder. :evil:

Is that a little sadistic? :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed :bad: