My Effects panel is empty

Hello everyone,

I just started learning Flash 5.0. When I try to apply effects to a frame, I only see empty panel. There are no effect options in my panel.
Is there anyway I could add effects to the panel.

Please help.

Highlight the frame. If it is not highlighted everything comes up dark. Click on the frame and it lights up.


um… I think that “effects” only works on a graphic, a movie clip or a button… I don’t think that you can apply those effects to a frame.

Unless I’m missing something.

Absolutely right, since you can’t fade, tint or brightness a frame.

pom, the god of (French) flashers

Nope-it seems to be thats missing something. I know you guys (pom and upuat:cool: spend a lot of time with tougher issues so when I see something I think I can help with I take it if I think I know it. Sometimes I just goof. Sorry bout that.


Im trying to fade in a jpg file (image), I did try to highlight it, but still effects panel was grayed out.

Anything else I could do?
Thanks for your input

OK, this explains everything.
I guess you imported your file correctly. Select it with the arrow tool, and press F8 to make it a graphic (Call it whatever you like and check graphic).
Now your alpaha panel works …


Hey Phil Jayhan, Don’t you worry about it. I’m “off” on responses quite often, and believe me, we appreciate the help people like you and ilyaslamasse provide. I know I’m a busy guy, and since you two have joined I’ve actually been able to take time away from the boards to work on my own stuff.
Not to belittle the work done by all of us origional Kirupites… everyone works really hard, it’s just nice to see new faces helping out where they can. It makes less work for all of us. :slight_smile: