My entrance grafic..plz check out

This is my VERY first graffic…using…yes…photoshop! gasp! I know this thread is Flash, and the site this graffic will lead to is going to be all flash. But…as a wiseman once said “first learn walk, then learn run” (Wasn’t that Mr. Miyagee from Karate kid?) Ne who If I could get some feeback I’d greatly appreciate it. The site is pretty much going to stay with the color scheme of my graffic…expect the actual site up within the next few weeks. ANYTHING you think about my graffic, good or bad :slight_smile: I’d really like to know.
Any feeback is greatly appreciated. is where the image can be located


i like it.

I like it too, the only thing for me is to increase the contrast just a hair so I can read it easier (I have old eyes)

looking forward to seeing the whole site!


I would fix the text because it looks like i’m having an acid flashback…JK grids are good in my mind :slight_smile: