My first flash site

Well yes I have done it; I try to fix a flash site for my self pfffff hard work and a lot of problems of course.

I would like to know what some other people and flash creators think about it.
All you have to do is check it for me and give please you opinion…

Greetings from the Netherlands

Leon Beijert

Visuals Designs

Hey cool site a lot better than a novice like me can do. But I think I’ve seen the bubles and lens flare somewhere before, and it kinda looks like it was created off the defult site template that comes with flash mx. But still I really like it (-:

one suggestion please center your website on the browser, other than that its looks quite great good job :beam:


Hi Andy,

Its true i have some stuff that you have seen on other sites.
And yes i have used an template of MX but changed it a little.

Thanks for the fast reply and for true opinion…

Greetings again from the Netherlands…


Yo Grimdeath,

yes you are right so i have done it en make the site centerd and not anymore to the left side.

And thank you for true opinion also…



Um, what’s the point of the bubbles? Just to show off your flash skills? because designwise - they serve no purpose (you know, the whole bubble coming out of the water and floating out of the air for some reason.)

Also, there’s an annoying bubble right over site overzicht - it doesnt do anything but flicker.

In terms of design, I would recommend getting some fixel fonts rather than using the usual times new roman - you run into the problem of your font being blurry. Also, you use too many gradients - you should use gradients in contrast to solid colors.

On my computer, your transitions were REEEALLY slow. I dont know how to help you there, but you should probably seek help from some of the other Kirupa members on optimizing your movie.

Well, it’s a good start! I hope my comments help.

I think the advantage of making a site entirely in flash and using music, is that the music is constant whenever you browse the site. your music stops and/or changes when moving around, you should offer more of a jukebox element to the site.

Hi. lavaboy
The bubles are for the fun and they have no funtion ( true)

I try to fix some problem of the gradients, and yes you need a system with an fast cpu…
(I have an AMD-CPU 2130 with 1000 mb 333 mhz and that is the problem, i don’t have that slow thing on my system)

Of course your comments help me i ask for it…:smiley:

Thanks for your comments lavaboy


Hello lordnacho,

Hmmm an jukebox would be nice so i think about it.
Maybe i can make jukebox on top of the site…

My brain is working again :smiley:

Thanks for the reply lordnacho…


First off, I would remove the print button. It’s not clear until you click it what the button is for. Also I seriously doubt someone is going to want to print all 77 frames of the movie. Printing in flash is one of the areas that needs a lot of work from macromedia.

Second thing I noticed was your E-Mail form, you have this image in the center but then your body form field sticks down below it. Just doesn’t look right.

Also give me a way to get back to the other pages. Once I click a link i’m stuck and have to use back on my browser to reload the entire site, and it seems your menu at the bottom does the same thing, just reloads the entire site. Not to mention your menu items don’t match on the 2 pages making it confusing to know where you are going. If you want I’ll check at work, I made a fla a while back which allows you to create a back button in flash, i’ll see if I can find it monday or tuesday.

When I click latest developments it takes me to a yellow page that has nothing in common with the main page. It doesn’t look like it’s part of the same site.

Hi Sorcerer,

Okay the print button is gone with the wind…
The fla with the buttons would be nice if you can find it because i am still learing with flash.

Maybe i make an navigation in the top of the flash movie where you can go to.

i made the navigation on the buttom of the site, i fix this soon…

latest developments yep its true and i want it to be in other colors to show to other people ( maybe clients) that their is more what they see on the main site.

I have removed the image on the form e-mail, i check this later for a better one…

But still all opinions are welcome, Thanks for the time you made to check my site and to make the post in the form.



Sorry I didn’t get back with you yesterday on the back button, been sick. I am attaching a simple fla that demonstrates how to use arrays to create a history and give you a back button. Let me know if you have any questions.

nice site i tell u wot wud be amazing if u cud create a like ripple effect on the water that wud look rad


Hi Sorcerer

Thanks for the fla…
I check it out, any help is welcome of course…


Hello novatake ,

Yeah i know but i have no time for the moment… ■■■■…
I try to make some time for it…

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site and to make an reply on the form…