My first flash site

I just have the basic layout down. It will have alot more content and things in the empty spaces. How is it? What can I improve?

look here

Its going to get alot of work. Thats just the rough template. What monitor resolution are you using?

1024x768 LCD

I designed it for 800x600 so that might be the reason the text appears small. I made the bar in photoshop thinking the effect looked cool with the text, now I’m having second thoughts. How does it look to you on 800x600. Thanks for the tips=)

It’s not the fact the text apears small (Which it doesn’t I dunno why you thought that) but the fact the text is almost the same color as the navigation bar and it’s not a very clear readble font to start with.

-Data :sketchy:

Woah, overload on the 3-D effects… It’s really cool on the loading page, but for some reason i get way overwhelmed when there’s all those roatating cubes and flashing boxes. Calm it down a bit.

Nice color scheme.

PS happy holidays

nice site. look my cube

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**nice site. look my cube **

Is your name Julian too? :ear:

The layout is good but I found the graphics a little jagged try saving as a better quality jpeg.