My first pixel art .. criticism appreciated!

Hi all, this is my first piece of pixel art… please give any constructive comments/criticisms/tips that I could do to make this piece more interesting or better hehe. Hope you all like it! :wink:

Here it is:

© electrongeek

thats pretty good for your first time! Better than me!

Wow hehe thanks for the big welcome! =). And thanks hehe I think it could use a little more detail though…

Well, right off the bat I noticed excellent shading and detail. Kinda tough to tell what is going on with those yellow dots though…

Ye that is great for a first effort, very nice shading. But if you want some critisism, i don’t think the feet look quite rite, kinda looks like it on tip toes, dunno mite just be me, and i agree with morse about the yellows bits

Yes, very good. I’d change the perspective a bit for more drama, but it is pixel art after all. :slight_smile:


over all very very good for yer first piece. i mean it could use a pit detail and it is a little small but thats it! i like it :A+: and welcome!

i like it a lot, post more when you get 'em!

Its good but its not REALLY pixel art,
most pixel art is isometric

but yeah
otherwise its really good