My first scroll shooter

Hey guys, i just completed my first scroll shooter. If you have any comments or suggestion, please post:D

I get the Macromedia Shockwave loader screen and nothing else. No progess on the loader bar.

very nice game for ur first :slight_smile: i played for almost an hour :smiley:

Cool, except it has the same bug my first shooter had. If you hold down the space button on an enemy, it wont go away. You’ll just keep getting points.

yah i know, do you know any way to fix it

good start, but it needs a lot of work. theres that rapid fire problem, also theres nothing from stopping you from going off the side of the screen. I’d add some sound effects - gun shot, explosion, death noise, whatever else. Its also a little easy, maybe you should make the other planes actually shoot back? I felt bad shooting these things just happily flying around minding their business, haha. Also, flying around doing the same thing with no results or goal (as far as i played) isnt so great. TheOneAndOnly, how the hell did you play this for an hour??

But for a first its really good, and you should definitely keep working on it.

well, i am new to flash so some of the stuff there i’m not exactly sure how to do.