My first swf!

Okay, not rocket science, but hopefully amusing.

was there supposed to be a point to it? or just sounds? cuz i sat there for 5 minutes before i realized that those little yellow things were buttons. :slight_smile: i thought maybe it was going to take me somewhere…but i guess not…good though.

lol, sorry about that jubba. Like I said, nothing spectacular, just a pageholder atm.


lol yeah my brain is shot…i’ve spent 12 hours writing a 3 page paper! my mind is blow to hell and back. It was nice though…good work.

i’ve spent 12 hours writing a 3 page paper!
I hope that this was for the clock tutorial !
pom 0]
t2d, yeah, I was wondering, is there anything hidden ?

Nope, nothing hidden. I suppose that was cruel of me to post such a simple movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just roll-over and click the rays and that’s it. I made this movie to apply the tell target stuff I learned here.

I am currently working on a site for my techno-musician friend and it is coming along quite nicely. I’m also doing a site called “recovery” for the WTC clean-up. My friend is helping cleaning up there and has sent me some great photos. The site won’t be about the disaster (like we need to see more of that), just the clean-up.

I would definitely appreciate some testing on these when the time comes.


if thats your logo…i look forward to the compleed site :wink:


great logo, but still pointless