My First Vector Piccy! Woot Woot!

for you vector kings round here give me lots of CnC please :smiley:

ive been working on this for past 2 days prob a totaly of 10ish hours. i just want to know what i can do to improve it.

Remember this is my first so go easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks ppl.

it’s alright except maybe her arms could have a bit more work - cleaning curves mostly

Great job. Her lips look nice ;P.

One thing I’d suggest is you try to bring up more realistic and brighter colors. The image looks sort of dead.

I agree with sharif, the lips look great but the image is sort of dead, maybe use more vivid colors and make the eyes (eye :P) shine or something, it needs more life! But its a very nice one for ur first, Im also starting in this style, I think its cool :slight_smile:

Bring it to life a bit, out of its shadow so add more colors. Her shirt and her fingernails could do some touching up. Btw, its Britney isnt it?

yeah it is britney :wink: i thought most ppl would have said by now maybe they just didnt realise :frowning:

on her left arm dude, it looks like she has huge moles or skin growths, i think what mlk said was right, smoother lines = a hotter britney !!

and we all could use some of that !! :wink: