My flash on a web page

hey everyone

heres a noob question - (a little off topic not really about html programming but would still aprreciate an answer)
ok ive been designing for a lil while and using flash, ps an what not

i created a site for my father using yahoo - which is 30 bucks a month or so and VERY limiting creatively (they have their own template u have to work around)

i would love to have a website for my portfolio, flash based site, or ANYTHING else
what is the easiest, (free’est?) way to just have web space?
space to create any kind of site i want - empty space
i dont know where to begin
help please!!

Just run a search for free web space providers on .

There are some like (most highly used it seems, I used to use it and really had no problem with it, but thats just me) and (SUCKS!).

if youre already willing to drop 30 bucks a month get real host… try out… it is a SBC network company, you can get like 250 megs of space for 24.95/month… plus tons of bandwidth… check it out.


Wow, thats a great deal!

thanks alot guys

so u basically get what u pay for

free space = little space

o well, thanks for the links

I use CP Hosting and its 10 bucks a month with 2 gigs of space… and It supports messageboards… :slight_smile:

[size=1]yeah there’s TONS of hosts out there and CHEAP. I wish more
people knew about them and stopped going to geocities, tripod,
and yahoo. The breeders of popups…