My Flash Website has some problems

Okay so I am working on my Flash Website, and I have a problem.
As it is still heavily under construction there’s not much to it. What I’m having problems with are the loadMovie actions. For instance when you press Games button it will load up a the games.swf file (same goes for contact - these are the only ones implemented yet).

Here’s the link:

You can press Contact and go from there to Games or Home sections. All that works fine.
But If you press Games (from Home) and then Contact something really messed up happens.
The .swf file “contact.swf” its loaded alright but not in the targeted MC that I have specified. Instead it seems to open itself and close the main.swf file. And it doesn’t execute properly (Variables missing since it closes the main .swf file from which it was loaded).
Hope I’m not losing you yet, hard to explain :wink:

I don’t really see the problem because it works to open up the contact.swf from *home *but not from *games *(well it works to open it from games, but thats when it gets messed up). You’ll have to see it to fully understand…

I’ve checked through all the related files and scripts etc. I can’t find the problem. So… is there anyone who can help me with this problem?
I hope you understood what I just wrote, was a bit messy.
**Thanks in advance!